Friday, September 20, 2013

Who is Your Planner?

First off, let me ask you a very important question!!! WHO IS YOUR PLANNER? A Wedding Planner is not an add on but a part of your wedding. There are massive benefits in having a planner and keeping cost down is one of them. If you do not have a Wedding Planner; you should be looking for one RIGHT NOW. What is your BUDGET??? This is very important. You need to decide how much you can pay for your wedding. Your budget will dictate where and how you spend your money. Together you and your planner can decide. Wedding cost has spiraled out of control. TV shows such as Bridezilla, Four Weddings, and My Fair Wedding just to name a few, have contributed to brides wedding taste. I am a firm believer of you can have the wedding of your dreams and not have to go bankrupt. You have to keep in mind you have to live after the wedding.

The guest list believe it or not dictates a lot of your cost. All of your decisions depend upon your number of guest and establishing that early on will be very beneficial. When you order your cake it is made to feed the number of guest you have, catering is per head, linens determine the number of tables, chair covers depends on the number of guest, wedding favors, and your venue is determine by the capacity. To keep cost down you can start with your guest list. You should make a list and the groom should make his own list. These are just my thoughts but I think you should only invite people that are close to your heart. Everyone you know doesn’t have to receive an invite. You want to have people there who are there for you and not there as spectators. Stay tuned and Weddings of Grace will share with you how to complete your guest list in an upcoming post. Happy Planning!