Friday, May 14, 2010

Enclosure Cards

With your wedding day about four months away, it
is time to finalize your guest list and invite those
friends and loved ones you wish to have share in your
wedding celebrations.
While the paper trousseau choices available to
today’s bride are more varied and unique than in the
past, the bride’s selections should set the tone for the
wedding and inform the guests of key times and
places. Rather than cram all of the related information
on one invitation it is considered more appropriate to
include some enclosure cards as well.
AT HOME CARDS inform guests of your new
address and when you will be settled in. They are
most often used with announcements.
RESPONSE CARDS are enclosed with a stamped
self-addressed envelope.
RAIN CARDS give an alternate site for the ceremony
or reception in case of rain when an outdoor
event is planned.
TRAVEL CARDS may be enclosed to present to
parking attendants for free parking at the reception or
to inform guests that travel costs have been prepaid.
MAPS provided for guests who are unfamiliar with
the area are a thoughtful enclosure.
While none of these are mandatory, the use of
these helpful enclosures can keep your guests totally
informed about the big day.

Malika Becton
Weddings of Grace
(252) 775-0631