Sunday, January 24, 2010

Setting the Music

Contrary to popular opinion – music doesn’t just happen.
Music must be planned. It is an important ingredient
in setting a mood. The good news is that you have
lots of options. You can pick live entertainment high energy
bands, symphonic orchestras, classical trios, disc
jockeys, jukeboxes.
The music played at your wedding ceremony does
not necessarily set the tone for your reception. But
whichever you choose, make sure you have heard the
group play live. Ask for the option of attending a ceremony
and/or reception where the group you are considering
will play.
Where do you find the music you want? You may first
have heard of the group from a friend or relative. It
should be no trouble to “crash” the event to look at and
hear the group under consideration. But be very careful
of this. If you involve strangers, the band may consider
letting others “crash” your wedding.
What are some other issues to consider as you select
the music for your wedding?
What kind of overall look will the musicians under
consideration present to your guests? How do they
look? How will they dress? Can you request/ demand
what you consider proper attire? What condition are
their instruments in? Will they play the music you request
or are they determined to use only their play list?
Most musical groups have CDs or taped recordings.
You need to make sure that what you hear on the
recording is what you get live. Will whoever you hear
be on stage at your event?
Think about how you want the musicians to interact
at the wedding reception. Do you want/mind them mingling
with the guests or will you prefer that they go to a
“ break room”? Have you made arrangements to feed
them if they request it? Do you need to add to your
catering numbers and feed them as if they were a guest
or can you do sandwiches in the break area?
Just because you “ love” a group, consider your reception
guests. If you love “Metallica” and your guests are
more “Frank Sinatra” how will you reconcile prefe rences?
Make sure that the venues you have chosen – for
both ceremony and reception – can physically accommodate
the musical group you have chosen? Think this
through before you sign the contracts involved.
Our experienced consultants can help you with all
the aspects of your wedding ceremony and reception.
No idea what kind of music you want or where to start ?
Come and see us for ideas and recommendations.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tips on Wedding Invitations

Because the invitations reflect the tone of your wedding
they should be considered early on in your planning
activities. Once you have developed your guest list,
selected your ceremony and reception venues and decided
on the degree of formality you wish to express
throughout your wedding, you can comfortably begin to
search for your invitations and other printed materials.
Do not be overwhelmed by the myriad of choices that
are available for you. At one time, there were few options
in paper and print styles. Today’s bride has a wide range
of both from which to select.
Consider these points as you shop for your paper
Take your business to a store that specializes in wedding
papers. The staff there will have the expertise and
experience to help you with paper selections and correct
wordings. Their advice can end up saving you time and
often money as well.
You will likely be ordering more than just invitations so
consider these other items as well: save the date cards,
insert cards (directions or other information) RSVP
cards, place cards and assignment charts, menus, thank
you cards, programs and of course the invitations. Figure
in all of the options as you look at pricing.
When you place your order, be sure to order extras of
every item. Make sure that you send one of everything
to yourself when the rest go out so you can monitor the
delivery dates.
Be sure that you allow enough time to order, address
and send the invitation packages. Double check with
your print specialist on the time frame required for satisfactory
order completion. Most experts agree that invitations
should go out 6-8 weeks prior to the ceremony.
Consider purchasing special issue postage stamps
rather than just ordinary stamps. Check with your local
postal service for the options that may work for you. Be
sure to check on delivery times if you select a personalized
stamp pattern.
Always, always double check the proofs of the invitation
copy. Have someone else double check you as well.
It is easy to skip over and not notice errors in copy with
are so familiar. A misspelled name can cause
unnecessary delays and expense.
If children are being invited to the wedding and reception,
their names are usually included on the envelope,
clearly letting the parents know that the children are
invited. If children are not to be included, just the invited
are listed.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Onslow Bridal Gala

Whether you are recently engaged or just a few final details away from completing your wedding planning the Onslow Bridal Gala is the event you won’t want to miss!
Come and meet dozens of wedding experts. See the latest trends in the wedding industry. Taste wedding cakes, enjoy food samples, view the latest floral designs. The hottest reception sites will be here! From hotels, country clubs to restaurants and beach destination properties. Check out this year’s trunk show featuring award winning designer Maggie Sottero, known for carrying the best fit in the wedding gown industry.
If you are among the first 100 brides to register you will receive a free gift bag filled with great products and savings. The most sought after and reputable wedding vendors will be here to assist you with any questions and planning. See you March 7 at 100 Recreation Lane, Jacksonville, NC 28546

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Word About Decorating

If money were no object, you could simply tell a
wedding planner/designer the look/effect that you
wanted and trust in a fabulous result. But if you would
like to have a wonderful setting for your wedding and
reception without breaking your budget, we can offer
you some elegant but cost saving ideas.
If your wedding is one of several being held in a
large church on the same day, consider coordinating
the décor and floral elements for the location with the
other brides. Many times shared expenses on rental
greens and plants can create a marvelous setting with
minimal costs. Remember that ceremonies held in
churches already have an impressive setting. Try to
minimize your efforts to add personal touches to the
atmosphere of a church. You are being married there,
be aware of the role the atmosphere plays in the
solemnity of the occasion. Enhance it with your additions,
not detract.
For both ceremony and reception locations budget
for the most bang for your dollar. Tone on tone floral
arrangements have more visual impact than more
costly mixed floral groupings.
Create a statement with one large decorative element
rather than a dozen smaller and less effective
elements scattered throughout. For example, a working
fountain in the center of the dinning room may
create all of the atmosphere you wish.
Concentrate on wow by focusing your decorative
efforts at the entrance to your reception area. It will
be easier to do if you visualize the room full. Don’t
spend excess money on items that only the first few
guests entering the room will notice. Once the room
is full of guests, lots of décor touches won’t even be
noticed. Most experts will advise you to skip decorating
the skirting on any of the tables for that reason.
If your guests do not dance, don’t spring for an
orchestra. Think trio to play background music and
If the facility offers it, lighting that can be changed –
lighter, brighter, softer, dimmer – can transform the
room as the activity level changes. Some couples
choose to have their combined initials cut in either
metal or glass. These silhouettes can be placed in
front of lighting sources and be positioned to shine on
walls, floors or ceilings. The cost is minimal but the
effect can be impressive.