Monday, December 14, 2009

Have a Seat

The best way to describe the changing nature of receptions
is to notice that they have evolved into more than
just a formalized event as the term “reception” implies.
More and more couples are choosing the term “celebration”
to describe the party atmosphere and events they
are planning for themselves and their guests. Instead of
having the day slip away in a blur, brides and grooms want
to have a good time at their party and take away wonderful
memories. This is one of the biggest parties that
most couples will ever give. They want everyone to have
fun – themselves included.
Whether the celebration will be in a church basement
or outdoors, one thing that is changing is the seating of
guests. Reception “rules” have had the bridal party sitting
at formal head tables, lined up according to one’s role in
the wedding. But more and more couples are choosing
not to have a head table and instead seat themselves with
special family members or friends in the center of the eating
area. Sitting in the middle of things – among family and
friends – not apart from them,will help the couple to better
enjoy their first meal together as husband and wife.
The remaining people in their wedding party and families
are scattered at tables with other guests to encourage
the celebration tone. They can talk about the wedding
and events leading up to it that other guests may not
know. It can make good mealtime conversation and is a
way to involve guests more intimately with the event.
You may still choose to have special place cards/table
numbers for guests. For some brides and their mothers,
trying to engineer the “perfect” mix of guests at each
table is the hardest thing they do for the party. Others
give up and let groups find their own places. Whether
you are having a formal sit down dinner or a buffet, the
best bet is to select round tables. These always allow an
easier flow of conversation among guests. Providing a
centerpiece for each table also places each guest at a decorated
space at your party.
If you can’t have round tables and must use rectangular
ones, request that they seat no more than six per table.
At least with this number, everyone can hear everything
that is said and conversation can flow. There is more
space for each person to enjoy his/her food and beverage.
For more celebration ideas, stop in and talk with one
of our experienced consultants. We have party plans we
know you’ll love. Ideas on music, cakes, decorations and
favors can help you plan a party to remember.
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